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Let Glue and Nails help design and install the Outdoor Living space of your dreams! We offer design and construction services to help you realize your Outdoor Living space! If you are looking for a fun, entertaining space or a space for privacy, Glue and Nails can help you get it done! Turn your space outdoors into an Outdoor Living space for family fun time. It can be a space for cooking or just relaxing by a fire pit, or even a fireplace. Make it an Outdoor Living space for an all day get away or an evening sharing with family. Make it a weekend getaway for the entire family! Turn off the phones and enjoy your Outdoor Living space for the day or weekend. Think of a space to enjoy an early morning cup of coffee, or if you prefer tea there is an entire variety to enjoy. So many possibilities for so many gatherings or even a space to work from home as an outdoor office area. A space to sit and enjoy a quiet moment or a crazy time with the kiddos moving around talking and laughing. Make it a space for camping! Your little ones will love going on a journey, even if it is to your own backyard, and setting up a tent. Family memories will be made right outside your backdoor in your very own Outdoor Living space. Right in your own yard you can bring your ideas to reality with Glue and Nails to help with the process. Glue and Nails Home Repair and Remodeling serves Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Glenpool, Coweta, Owasso, Claremore, Skiatook Oklahoma and surrounding areas.


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The choices seem limitless!  At Glue and Nails Home Repair and Remodeling we can help from dream to reality. Glue and Nails will help you design the pergola of your dreams and  help with material selection as well as location. All of the way to finish, we at Glue and Nails Home Repair and Remodeling pride ourselves in being a complete service family. 

Our staff members are able to help you design as well as choose colors and textures. Even sun shades to help block that vicious Oklahoma sun.

Such an amazing design feature, a pergola can add such beauty to your home. The value added to your home can last for many decades. Your family will have years of memories and fun times there. Enjoy the color of flowers, or even just green easy to take care of shrubs can be a wonderful pairing to a Pergola. Picture a soothing and relaxing hot tub under a Pergola in your yard for you to enjoy after a long day. Even if you don’t want to have greenery to take care of, put a shade or canvas over the top or on the side for privacy or cover from the sun while you soak and relax. Pergolas come in a variety of sizes for your needs and wants. 


A shady spot to a fully enclosed shelter, Glue and Nails Home Repair and Remodeling can help you with the design, selections and installation of your new Pavilion. You may wish to incorporate entertainment features such as AV systems or fireplaces. A brick oven is a great touch! Think of making for the family pizza night. The kids can help with making their own designed pizza. You also don’t just have to bake pizza in a brick oven, the meal list is long indeed. Imagine a full kitchen under your Pavilion. From a charcoal grill, a gas grill to a flat top grill. Which all come in a variety of sizes for your needs. Refrigerators also come in different outdoor sizes. A sink to have water and makes cleaning up and preparing a breeze, you won’t have to run back and forth to the house then back out to the Pavilion. Even storage space for grilling and cooking utensils can be kept outdoors under your Pavilion. An area for a dining table and chairs, to fit however many guests you invite over. Or maybe just a relaxing sitting area with a full couch with end tables and extra comfy chairs for having fun with family and friends. Or the Pavilion can be a great room for both! A kitchen and dining table area with an area for couches and comfy chairs. 

We start the process with your free estimate, try to assess your desires right down to the very minute details. From material selection to color and electrical and plumbing needs, we will walk with you step by step to see your project finished as you wish.

Sinks, even showers and water features are a beautiful touch and can be done at the same time. A fireplace adds such a comforting feel to your pavilion. Sit back, relax while watching TV or your family playing outdoors. We can do it all. The possibilities are as endless as the stars. Call for your free assessment.



Fireplaces and Fire Pits

A fireplace and / or fire pit adds an amazing and beautiful touch to your outdoor space. A Firepit can be out in the open, very rustic or very modern, with relaxing chairs all around waiting for family and friends to come and enjoy a gathering of fun, talking and s’mores. You can even use logs as seats and sticks for roasting. Maybe you just want a sit back and relax kind of chair, or bench. Bring the indoors to the outdoors by adding a fireplace to a patio. It can be a wonderful feature for your patio in the lovely Autumn evenings when family and friends come over for a visit. It will keep you warm in the colder evenings. Plus you will have the night sky to look at and enjoy. With Glue and Nails we can help with the ideas and our builders can make it happen. We love what we do and we know you will love the results! Our craftsmen take great responsibility in their work and it shows.

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