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Our Benefits

We offer all of our first-time customers $100 off their first project with us. We understand there is a lot of difficulty in finding a quality contractor. We are a contractor that you can trust! Give us a call and experience the Glue and Nails difference!

About Glue and Nails

Glue and Nails have served the Tulsa area for more than twenty-five years and are now in the second generation of our family-owned business. At Glue and Nails, we are committed to providing top-quality, honest home repair and remodeling services at fair prices. Our industry is replete with questionable contractors, easy quick fixes with incorrect materials, and incorrect knowledge. Glue and Nails is the alternative. You can rest assured that Glue and Nails will be open, honest, and up-front when working with our customers. If you have ever had a bad experience with a contractor, we understand!

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Choosing the best Home Repair and Remodeling Services

How do you know who to trust? Who has the qualifications that you need? When selecting a Tulsa Home Remodeling and Repair contractor, you want to know.

If you are in the market for a Tulsa Home Remodeling and Repair contractor, we recommend that you first and foremost, check them out online! Just because it says “approved contractor” on their site does not mean they really are. Read written reviews. Call their references. Can they provide actual customer references that you can talk to? Ask people, if you can, that have used their services and what they thought about them. We are called too often to “clean up” after a “qualified” contractor who was recommended by the neighbor. It may be a well-intentioned reference but nothing replaces a great track record! We have that track record. If you want your Tulsa Home Remodeling and Repair project to go smoothly, we recommend that you follow these guidelines.

We at Glue and Nails Home Repair and Remodeling, along with will make your Tulsa Home Remodeling and Repair project a reality. We want you to ask questions and be involved with your project. We can be there with you as you share your dream Outdoor Living Space, or Kitchen Remodel, or Home Remodeling and Repair. We can help you achieve your vision of what you want in a project. We have discovered that some customers want to see a finished look, or visually have a few options to choose from. We can put a design into a computer program that can be seen to put at ease your mind of “what will this look like”. The planning part of any project will lead to many questions and decisions that need to be answered and made, by you. It can be stressful at times. We understand this part and truly want to ease the stress for you as much as possible. When it all comes together and you can enjoy the end results and you have a smile on your face, then Glue and Nails can say thank you for letting us be a part of making a dream come true.

When Glue and Nails starts a project, either remodeling or outdoor living, we start all of them the same way, with an introduction and assessment of your desired results. We then use state-of-the-art computer design, accounting and project management software to help keep your Tulsa Home Remodeling and Repair job on track and to keep you informed all of the way through. It is important to us to listen to our customers and provide any knowledge that we have to them so they can be completely satisfied with the whole process. We truly believe that “there is no dumb question” and we will strive to answer every question you may have, as soon as possible.

We are dedicated to making the Tulsa Home Remodeling and Repair process as easy as possible. We want our customers to understand that there is a way to do their projects without the hassles of finding multiple contractors and organizing the project on their own. We make the process easy. We even guide you through the design and selection phase to make that as easy as it can be. We believe that, given the plethora of home improvement shows that there can be a belief that it is “easy” and you can “do it yourself”. It is not easy. There is a lot of work in just preparing for the project. We have the experience to make that much easier for you along the way. This is why we think you should choose us for your Tulsa Home Remodeling and Repair project.

Ordering materials and supplies for your Tulsa Home Remodeling and Repair project can be more daunting that you may realize. We follow alone the entire way, ensuring the smoothest project that can be provided. It may seem easy to select a tile, or carpet or other materials and just expect them to show up, properly counted and in good condition, but the reality is that there are constant challenges with this phase of your Tulsa Home Remodeling and Repair project. We can monitor this process for you as well if you wish. Selecting, ordering and receiving your materials in a timely manner is an art these days and we are artists. Though the supply line may be hindered at times, we are relentless at trying to get what we want.

Will your contractor be there after the checks are signed? We will! We at Glue and Nails Home Repair and Remodeling are dedicated to building a legacy in the Tulsa Home Remodeling and Repair market and we will be here for the long haul. If we make a mistake, we will make it right! Your Tulsa Home Remodeling and Repair project deserves a company that will stand by their work and guarantee quality. We are such a company. Let there be no mistake, if you find a mistake in craftsmanship with our work, rest assured that we will be there to make it right. We offer a full one year warranty on all craftsmanship that we perform.

Not only are we dedicated to giving you the best Tulsa Home Remodeling and Repair project but we believe in giving back. We believe in God’s word that says “give in secret and he will reward you openly”, so we are private about our personal giving. As for our company, because we think it is important for our customers to know “who we are”. We believe in helping others. We have been there. We know what it is like to have little. We support charities that help our veterans, our country and not least of all, our pets. We are thankful for our nation, thankful to our veterans for fighting for it and we love animals!

We hope this is helpful information to assist you in deciding on your contractor for your Tulsa Home Remodeling and Repair project!