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At Glue and Nails we’re looking for great High energy people who want to advance themselves in their employment opportunities. We believe in God, country and that hard work should be rewarding. If you’re looking for a place to work where you’ll be appreciated for the things that you accomplish and paid for them as well then we might be a great fit for you. We hire people with diverse talents and backgrounds. Our work environment is fun, productive, fast-paced and exciting. For 30 years we have been the best option for Jenks home Remodeling and home repair services for customers in the Tulsa and surrounding area. Maybe you’ll be part of the team soon? We believe that it is always a rewarding thing to put in a hard day’s work and we have put in many of them. There are many places that you could choose to work but we think working at Glue and Nails it’s the best. We Offer a merit-based pay system where you can earn what you’re worth, not just a regular pay scale like every other company in the area. We actually pay you what you’re worth.

The Employees at glue and nails are always helpful and ready to assist you in moving forward and knowledge and pay. If you are looking for a solid fun-filled action-packed place to work and enjoy going to work everyday then look no further than Glue and Nails!

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Our team members are happy to come to work everyday, happy to learn new skills and to be part of a cohesive team that’s always trying to find new ways to work better and faster so they can make bigger paychecks. Many people begin working at glue and nails with no Talent just the energy and drive to succeed and after a year or two have found themselves becoming fantastic at carpentry, painting drywall and other skills in the remodeling industry.

Restart our day everyday with a group meeting where everybody gets a chance to speak what’s on their mind to learn more about the job they’re doing to give input to their fellow workers on how they might improve on their job as well. This is not your average everyday job. We truly strive to find ways for our employees to be happy and to advance themselves and not just be stuck in another dead-end job.

When I started Glue and Nails 30 years ago I never dreamed that it would go this far. The company has expanded thanks to hard work dedication on the part of our management team and our staff members. Our company has grown exponentially over the last number of years and we see nothing but a great future in front of us. If you have been looking for a place where you can have the freedom to make the money you wish to make where you can come to work and accomplish great things and go home knowing that you’ve done a fantastic job this may well be the place for you!

Bring your talent, bring your energy, bring your tool belt and let’s sit down and talk and see if you might be the next great team member at Glue and Nails. Are you ready to show off your energy, your Zeal your talent and your chops? We hope so if this is the case then fill out your application on and will be in touch. We sort through 50 to 60 applications per week and we select the finest that we find we invite them to a meeting or we can sit down and explain to them what it is we do what about our company you might wish to know so that you can evaluate whether you think Glue and Nails would be a great fit for you. If you find the glue and Nails is a great fit for you and you wish to Shadow after the meeting then we may invite you to do just that to come to one of our job sites, meet our people and hang out with them for 5 minutes or 5 hours or all day if you choose. And if after that shadow, You and our existing team members feel that you might be a great fit for our company and we might be a great fit for you then we may sit down with a one-on-one conversation about your future with the company.

We hope if you do become a member of our team that you find this workplace to be just as wonderful as we think it is as well.

We support our veterans, we believe in moral values, we treat our people the way that we would want to be treated, we expect our people to treat each other and our customers in the same way.

If what you’ve read here seems to be something that you may be interested in then please feel free to fill out an application and let’s see if we can meet to determine if you are truly the next great Glue and Nails team member. We are always on the search for great new people to join our team and to help create some of the most beautiful projects and remodeling in the Tulsa area. Is that you? Maybe it is we hope so after you fill out your application on indeed we may make contact with you at which point we will invite you to that meeting where you can sit down learn more about our company as we learn more about you and we hope in the end that it turns out to be a great relationship between you and us for many many years to come.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and evaluate whether you think Glue and Nails is a great company and a great fit for your talents. We hope to see you soon. We wish you all well God bless Godspeed have a wonderful day!