We at Glue and Nails Home Repair and Improvements are thankful to be able to give to Safari Mission! What an amazing organization run by fearless, loving Christian people who follow God’s direction and bring hope to the African communities that need churches in the greatest way believable! Glue and Nails Home Repair and Improvements have watched Safari Missions as they build churches throughout Africa and empower people to learn about God as well as becoming self-sustaining. People who want to learn, who want to be self-sustaining. People who have been oppressed for many decades who want to find a way to build others up, can now live independently as well as help their fellow men and women do the same. We are believers in what this ministry is doing to help people who need it so greatly. Their zeal to help others to help themselves is exactly what we at Glue and Nails Home Repair and Improvements believe in.

The Bible says, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”. There are many success stories that Safari Mission has shown and Glue and Nails Home Repair and Improvements believe in their mission. Africa has been among the most oppressed places on earth and we believe that Safari Missions are making a huge difference for the positive, for the people to help themselves. Every chance we get to help Safari Mission to reach their monthly needs and desires will be a truly heartfelt, worthy effort to help a person to become self-sustaining and a leader to others around them. We have seen many “charities” that have failed to live up to the standards that they should hold themselves to, but fail or give up. Safari Mission is one we can believe in. We have seen the testimonies and the true heartfelt driven purpose of the leaders of Safari Mission. They are driven by a great drive that they act upon with a true follow to the Word. To go to the areas that are needing the teachings and friendship that Safari Mission brings is a whole other testimony of their faith.

These people literally put their lives and fortunes on the line daily to help other people who wish to help others. What an amazing thing to be a part of! We looked at many organizations to get involved with and decided, based upon their integrity, on Safari Mission. Their reputation is impeccable and the successes they have made are many and counting. We thank God that we were led in the direction that made us cross paths.

From building churches, to businesses, to feeding people and sharing the gospel, Safari Mission is the real deal! They do what they say, they love God and the people that they are helping. To know that they are training so many who want to learn and to grow spiritually and agriculturally and to be able to help them continue to go to Africa and do this work is a blessing that we are thankful to be a part of.


We are so thankful that we can help even in a small way. By helping Safari Mission meet a monthly dollar goal or even if they need an extra prayer, we at Glue and Nails are willing to take that step.

Please consider helping this wonderful organization in any way you can. Pray about it. If God guides you to do so, you may contact them directly at or if you prefer on our site at /contact-us/ and we will pass your information along.

Safari Mission has a unique approach to helping in Africa. As they like to say “Christianity is a mile wide but only an inch deep”. They desire to help the local people by teaching, as well as feeding and clothing the people. To help them study the Word and to see the people find their own hearts for God, is a truly moment that they will continue to share with others as they move along their God led path Once a certain group or village or church learns to stand on their own, they then move on and plant another “oasis” of self-sufficiency, bible learning, loving others and growing food. Safari Mission always have smiles on their faces and are always willing to share what they do in Africa.

In a time when it is hard to find truly honorable charities, we feel that we can trust the people who operate Safari Mission. We have absolutely no doubt about where our donations go. There is nothing more important than integrity in any charity. We are happy to have found Safari Mission and feel blessed to be able to help them in their mission.

I have spoken to Vidar Ligard and he seems to be one of the most honest, God-fearing and loving humans I have ever met. What an incredible person! Full of integrity!

After seeing their videos and learning of the incredible things that they do to help the people of Africa to better their lives, we are thrilled to be a small part of their “mission” to help others. Of the things that we do to try to help others, we are most grateful to be part of .

To think that we can reach across the globe and help people in real need and give them real solutions is an incredible feeling for simple hard-working people from Oklahoma. What a blessing it is! I have always taught my children to love God, be faithful in prayer, always be willing to learn, be hard workers and self-sufficient. That is what Safari Mission teaches others and helps them to achieve. Every step of the way they help those who truly want to learn.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and loving charity to help, we encourage you to consider the Safari Mission to support because of their love of God and the people of Africa.

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