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At Glue and Nails Home Repair and Remodeling we have built and installed several sizes, types, and styles of beautiful rustic, modern and any design in between, Beams.  We have them in the Tulsa, OK, Jenks, Broken Arrow, Glenpool, Bixby, Claremore, Skiatook, and surrounding areas. Choose your style, from rustic to modern, to distressed or smooth.  From painted to stained or even just raw. We offer innovative designs to enhance your space. You may want to add a look to a room that has a high ceiling with new Beams.  Choose a pine, rustic look or a refined, more modern painted version, Glue and Nails Home Repair and Remodeling can make your idea come to life!

With Glue and Nails Home Repair and Remodeling able to show you pictures and share in your idea of what you want for your home in a Beam, we can offer from simple to very rustic or how about Grid Beams on your ceiling?! A Grid Beam can be very detailed with crown molding along top and bottom edges to make a frame for your ceiling fan, or a decorative overhead light fixture. Glue and Nails has even made Grid Beams with recessed lights to shine from them for an even different effect for your room. Grid Beams look great in a dining room. They add a decorating touch to the ceiling and can make the room feel smaller or bigger. The Beams can be painted any color you wish, or even stained to match your favorite wood color. 

A Floating Beam can be made to look just like it’s name, a Floating Beam. With Glue and Nails listening to what you would like your Beams to look like we can make it happen.

There is even a Beam called an up and over. This type of Beam looks great in an office or even in a kitchen. Glue and Nails can even add a floating Beam across the bottom and put cross Beams in the middle to make it look like a wagon wheel. These types of beams are gorgeous with a dark stain and lighter color ceiling. The Beams can add a sense of warmth with a touch of a rustic style to an office especially, or a kitchen. Then add a set of recessed lights around them and then watch your room go into a wow factor! You can even put light in the Beams to shine up to show off the top half of your room.

On one rare occasion, Glue and Nails made X Beams for a customer that was quite a challenge but was completed and it brought a wonderful smile to the homeowners faces. The Beams were to be smooth and painted, as well as floating. The style of the house fit very well with the homeowners and they wanted the style to show in the Beams. It really turned out great and very eye catching.

A set of Beams can enhance a master bedroom. With Grid Beams being an option in here too. The Beams can have a rustic touch or a smooth look. Maybe you want a lodge feel to your master bedroom and rustic Floating Beams can add to that style. The Beams can be as rustic as you want, or maybe you want just a slight hint of rustic added to the Beams. With Glue and Nails Home Repair and Remodeling we can help you design your desired look in any style of Beams. Details can be added to a more rustic style of Beams. For example, a partial end of a continuation of the Beams to show on the wall below the Beams. It adds a neat touch of a bit more rustic to the Beams.  The can be added wooden nail pins added to certain places on each end of the Beams to make it look like the Beams are being put together with wooden dowels for a really rustic look and feel. Almost like a wooden post in a stable to hang the bridle on. Most common though is just a nub of a dowel end to show that maybe these Beams were put together with big wooden dowels and big hammers. It truly does depend on what you, the customer, will want in the final look for your home.

You may have a fireplace mantle that you want the new Beams to match. With Glue and Nails Home Repair and Remodeling we can help get you your desired look you want for the room you want to have enhanced or just a change in looks. Then with either an overhead light, with or without a ceiling fan, or just some recessed lights in the ceiling or on the Beams or maybe in the Beams. The choices truly are many and can be very confusing or even a choice between painted or stained can send a persons head into a spin. Looking at pictures of Beams or some you found in a magazine can help your spinning head to come to somewhat of a stop. Glue and Nails will help you along the entire way with ideas or suggestions to ease the stress. If you know what kind of Beams you want for your home or are just wanting to chat about the idea of possibly putting Beams in your home then give Glue and Nails an opportunity to come and give you an estimate.

Think of Beams being able to add a wow factor to any type of room. With all of the paint colors to choose from and along with the many stain choices too, Beams can really add so much to your home. With all of the options for lighting to enhance the Beams or add depth to your ceiling. The choices can be confusing and maybe overwhelming. By having Glue and Nails Home Repair and Remodeling every step of the way with you, the customer, we can get a plan to fit any budget you have. Along with your style and ideas you want in Beams for any room.  

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