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Best Home Remodeler Jenks | Home Remodeling Services Available

Glue and Nails is best home remodeler Jenks, and has been here servicing the Tulsa Metro area and surrounding cities for over 25 years. We are a family owned and operated company, driven to provide quality home repair and home remodeling services to homeowners and the like. We are a company founded on giving you best in class customer service throughout your whole process with us. We give our success to God knowing that without him planting a dream in our hearts that we would not be where we are today.

Here at best home remodeler Jenks Glue and Nails, we offer many services for all your home remodeling and repair needs no matter how big or small the project. If you are looking for a company that can offer you the highest quality craftsmanship, affordable pricing and exceptional customer service and look no further than Glue and Nails. The first step in the process is to submit a free quote to our team, once we have received your request a member of our design team will be reaching out to you to connect with you regarding your vision for your dream home. Once a member of our design team has listened to revision and connected with you, they will create and finalize a customized plan catered to your needs.

Glue and Nails best home remodeler Jenks and keeping constant communication with you throughout your whole experience with us. One of the ways we do this is setting you up with her mobile app/desktop application. Once your customized plan is complete and you have access to our mobile app, you will be able to view your customized plan, view invoices, the pricing, ask questions, and voice your concerns. If there is anything that needs to change from your original customized plan, we will always communicate with you and get approval before moving forward. This will be done through our mobile app. But you may also call us as well.

Best home remodeler Jenks Glue and Nails is number one in the area for home remodeling and home repairing services. We are so confident in our services that currently we are offering $100 off your first project with us. We know you will love working with us and are so excited to help you bring your custom dream home to life. The best way to contact us regarding your home repair or home remodeling needs is by calling us at (918) 857-0663 you may speak with a well-trained staff member who can help answer questions you may have. It is during nonbusiness hours please visit our website and click the contact us tab, there you will find a request form to send us a message.

We would love for you to visit our website at and view our customer testimonials you will see for yourself that we live up to our reputation. On our website you will find under the testimonials tab before and after photos, videos, and comments from real-life customers who allowed us old outdated design to their up-to-date dream.

Best Home Remodeler Jenks

Glue and Nails best home remodeler Jenks, is the number one home repair and home remodeling company in the greater Tulsa area. We have been servicing Tulsa and the surrounding cities over 25 years. You are a family owned and operated company that is now on her second generation of ownership. We pride ourselves in upholding our core values through all of our day-to-day operations. This includes any and every interaction may have you all of our past clients.

Best home remodeler Jenks Glue and Nails, services not only the Tulsa area that many of the surrounding cities as well. We have really enjoyed servicing Tulsa and many other cities including Owasso, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Glenpool, Coweta, Owasso, Claremore and Skiatook. We are the number one repair remodeling company in the area. We look forward to helping you with all your home remodeling needs. The best way to get started is to submit a request for a free quote on our website at Once we receive your request a member of our design team will reach out to you work diligently with you on your vision of your new home design.

Once you have met and connected with a member of our design team here at Glue and Nails best home remodeler Jenks, we will finalize the details of your customized plan and get you set up on our mobile/desktop application. Our mobile app is the best way we can ensure constant communication with you and keep you in the loop at all times. Once you get set up on the app you have visibility to you your current customized plan, invoices, pricing, ask questions, and view real-time photos of progress of your project. Pricing is presented to you if you feel that your customized plan is outside of your budget, we do offer 100% financing to help fund your project for your dream home.

Glue and Nails best home remodeler Jenks works diligently to ensure we are providing you with best in class service through each and every step of the process. We do this by maintaining top-of-the-line training for all staff members and contractors. That way they are aligned with industry standards and current trends to help make the best decisions for you and your home project.

Before you call or request a quote from a website please visit our website at, and click the testimonials had. There you’ll find the floor and after photos, videos, and comments from real-life customers who trusted us with turning their vision of their dream home into reality. If you are ready to book an appointment with us, please click request a quote on our website, or call and speak with a well-trained staff member at (918) 857-0663 will help guide you through every step of the process. We look forward to doing business with you and hope you give us a chance to show you why we are the number one choice for home remodeling and repair in the Tulsa area.