If you were looking for the Best home remodeler Jenks has the offer then Glue And Nails as a place for you. We want you to experience the Glue And Nails difference, and we want you to experience it so bad that we are willing to give you $100 off your first project. After the hundred dollars off you also get 100% financing on your project if you need it. That is because we have found that people call us because they want their home to be a dream home, we want that process to start as quickly as possible, that is why we offer this financing.

If you’re looking for the best home remodeler Jenks has the offer then look no further than Glue And Nails . We are among the highest rated and most reviewed home remodeling companies in the Tulsa area. We are also before time first place winners for the interior trim, as determined by the parade of homes. If you are looking for a home remodeling company that has a commitment to customer service and quality then we are the choice for you.

If you are looking for the best home remodeler Jenks has the offer then Glue And Nails is the choice for you. We have some amazing benefits when you work with us. We will offer $100 off your first project and you are also getting to work with a locally owned and family operated company. Glue And Nails will always be a contractor that you can trust and we look forward to your call. Feel free to check out some of the testimonials on our website, these are from past clients such as you. We’ve had these to the testimonials page so you can see what clients had to say about working with us.

At Glue And Nails we specialize in home remodeling, but we also do home repair and outdoor living. In addition to that we also offer a number of other services. Feel free to check out the services page, this includes retaining walls, handyman services, outdoor living, flooring, and beam installation. If you know exactly what you want to do or not, we recommend getting your consultation scheduled today, oftentimes people in the lot during these consultations and we would recommend that for you. We know that you will love the experience, so get signed up today.

Visit www.glueandnails.com or call 918-857-0663 to schedule your quote. This quote is free of charge, and it is for the purposes of giving you the information that you need. If you are ready to proceed, we will get all the particulars and give you an allowance or expected budget for your project. If you change the materials, we will let you know beforehand, if that will be an increased charge. If the change materials result in a decrease in price. We will refund you the difference. That is a commitment that we have a Glue And Nails that you will not find anywhere else.

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If you are looking for the best home remodeler Jenks has to offer the Glue And Nails of the choice for you. You’ll be so excited about working with Glue And Nails you were likely to refer a ton of friends and family members. Whenever you work with Glue And Nails , in particular on our outdoor living, you will be the talk of the neighborhood. Our goal is to make your neighbors jealous of your outdoor living space. So if you’re looking to install an amazing pergola then you need to give us a call, we also do a bunch of other services, so feel free to visit the services page on the website.

If you’re going to the best home remodeler Jenks has the office and Glue And Nails is the only place that you need to be. Whenever you choose Glue And Nails , you’re gonna be choosing the best. We look forward to helping you with your outdoor living area, to the point that your friends and family members will wonder who worked on this place for you. We enjoy referrals, so be sure to tell your friends and family members about the Glue And Nails difference so they can enjoy the process as well.

The best home remodeler Jenks has offered is always Glue And Nails . I’m reaching Glue And Nails you were gonna be getting quality. You will not be getting a company that once they just cut corners and get the job done as quickly as possible. We will make sure that you remodel those exact specifications. That’s why we always do a quality assurance walk-through at the end of every job, just to give you an opportunity to examine the work that we’ve done and let us know if we’ve done a good job or not. We also look forward to any and all feedback, so feel free to Call us.

We have a standard of quality at Glue And Nails that surpasses any and all home remodelers in the area. We look forward to using this difference and we will know you’ll be impressed. Whenever we first began Glue And Nails , we started our business exclusively based on word of mouth. We understand that exceptional customer service is what leads to these word-of-mouth referrals, and we look forward to providing the service belonging to the future. Find out why we are among the highest rated and most reviewed home remodelers in the Tulsa area.

Visit www.glueandnails.com to call 918-857-0663 to get scheduled for your consultation. This consultation is free of charge and is utilized for you to gather the information you need to make informed decisions. Even if you were not ready to get started on your project, we highly recommend getting scheduled for your consultation. We have a very busy book because we are one of the highest rate of MS reviewed home remodelers in the Tulsa area. We want you to find out why and we don’t want you to experience Glue And Nails differently today. So no matter where you are at your project, give us a call today and get started.