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Are you on the search for a Home Remodeler Jenks company that is the best?? Glue and Nails is just that! We are a local and family owned business that is super excited to be able to help you remodel the home of your dreams. Get started with us today and get $100 off your first project. We also offer 100% finance availability. We are also a four time first place winner for interior trim. We offer many different services, such as home remodeling, home repair and outdoor living. We take pride in being able to offer that hundred dollar off the first time customer but their first project with us. We understand that it can be extremely difficult to find a quality contractor that you can trust. We are that contractor who you can trust and give experience at Glue and Nails different from other home remodeling company. .

We take Home Remodeler Jenks to the next level! We have served the Tulsa area for more than 25 years and now are a second generation of our family owned and locally owned businesses. At Glue and Nails we are committed to always provide top quality and completely honest repairs at a phenomenal great price. We understand that it can be very difficult to find a contractor who you trust and there are a lot of questionable contractors out there who use the quick and easy way to fix things, they use the incorrect material and don’t have the correct knowledge to remodel your home the way that you would love it. We would love to be able to work with you, since we are open, honest, and upfront with our customers at all times.

How do you know that you can trust our company as your Home Remodeler Jenks? You can always head out to our website and check out the reviews from true clients that we have worked with. We have video testimonies of our clients, explaining why they loved working with us and why things are so easy and simple.

One super exciting thing about Glue and Nails is we are so excited to be able to give it to the Safari mission. This is an organization that is run by fearless, loving Christian people who follow God‘s direction and bring hope to African communities that need churches built and their homes repaired. Not only do we help them build churches and repair their homes, but we are able to help with feeding people and sharing the gospel. A part of our proceeds go back to them so that they are able to live a better life someday.

If you would love to get in contact with us and her, allow us to help with any repairs that you’re home may need, give us a call at 918-857-0663 we’re heading over to our website / to find out just how much more we have to offer. Also, feel free to read the ways that we get back on an even deeper level.

Home Remodeler Jenks | Remodel Your Home

Are you looking for Home Remodeler Jenks company that can give you real time deals, honest work and also effective work? Will you have come to the right place, here at Glue and Nails we do just that. We offer many different services that can help with repairing your home, remodeling your home and remodeling your outdoor living. Keep in mind patio seasons just around the corner!

Let me help you discover Home Remodeler Jenks on a different level. Some things that we offer here at Glue and Nails are repairs in your kitchen, including your cabinets, your floors, outdated paint jobs, even new hardware that can be enhanced. Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen? If so, just a subtle new paint job to your kitchen walls or to your cabinets and a new granite counter to upgrade your kitchen like no other. Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom? Let us take your bathroom to a new level of Zen where you can relax and soak up in your bathroom or even put the little ones in a big tub so they can splash and laugh. You just let us know what your dream bathroom design is and we will take care of it! We want to be able to bri9ng your home to life!

Are you looking for a Home Remodeler Jenks that will allow you to have 100% finance? Glue and Nails offers just that! We also offer $100 off your first service with us but we can also give you a free quote if you were looking to remodel your entire home whether it be updating your home or adding a new rooms or even just remodeling one room in your home that can add some true character to the space in your home. We can even focus on the little things like putting new doors on your outside hinges, updating the door handles or even adding a game room. Give your children the game room that they have always desired to have or even the man cave or closet space that you had always dreamed of.We want to be able to make your home, your happy place!

We would love to be the contractor that you choose to work with when it comes to remodeling any space in your home to give it that dream home feeling. We take value in being honest with our clients every step of the way, so that they are aware of just what we are doing because we want to make sure that we are meeting your dream and vision come true.

If you would love to get started with us today, give us a call at 918-857-0663 we’re definitely feel free to visit our website / to check out everything else that we have to offer and also feel free to check out the review page that has real videos of real people who have you have worked with previously achieve their home dreams.