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Home Remodeler Jenks

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Home Remodeler Jenks | Looking to Remodel Your Home?

Glue and Nails is the leading Home remodeler Jenks, Serving Tulsa and the surrounding areas for more than 25 years. If you are looking to remodel your home including kitchen, baths and add-ons Glue and Nails will work with you to assess your needs, build a plan, and wait for your approval before starting any projects. You even have access to your customized plan via our mobile app. Glue and Nails strives to have the best and well-trained artisans in the industry. We pride ourselves in giving you the ultimate best experience possible.

Home remodeler Jenks Glue and Nails can help take your outdated kitchen from the 70’s to a beautiful modern design. Something as simple as changing the color on your walls can help brighten your kitchen. Our well-trained design team will help you choose gorgeous cabinet color options that will complement your updated wall paint. Glue and Nails can change out your old laminate countertops for new beautiful granite ones that complement your new wall paint and cabinets. Glue and Nails can also take your outdated hardware, light fixtures and appliances to the next level while also matching either your current or new updated options. Kitchen is a place where many memories are formed and you should have a kitchen that you are proud of Glue and Nails’s design team will help you make the choices that best fit the updates you choose.

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, Home remodeler Jenks Glue and Nails can give you a bathroom space of your dreams. Whether you would like to swap out your shower/tub combo, update your countertops or vanity, or simply update your paint color, Glue and Nails can give you what you’re looking for. With a bathroom remodel Glue and Nails can help you create a space for the ultimate rest and relaxation experience. Glue and Nails design team will help you choose everything ranging from wall tile, cabinet design, paint color, all the way down to the grout color and shower head.

Home remodeler Jenks Glue and Nails can even give you the added space you have always been looking for with whole room add-ons. If you and your family are out-growing your home, then Glue and Nails can help you decide where would be the best place to add on to your home. Buying a whole new home can be very costly and cause many headaches so whether your add-on is another bedroom, bathroom or mudroom Glue and Nails can help provide the best plan for your needs.

Be sure to check out our testimonials from past customers to see how amazing their experience was with Glue and Nails. If you are ready to take the next step and book a consultation with one of our well-trained artisans, please visit to request a free quote or call (918) 857-0663 speak with one of our well-trained staff members today. We look forward to doing business with you and can’t wait to help transform your home!

Home Remodeler Jenks

Home remodeler Jenks Glue and Nails is a leader in home remodel and home repair in the greater Tulsa area. We have been servicing the greater Tulsa area for more than 25 years. Not only do we provide our customers with top of the line remodel designs, we also offer many other services. When you work with Glue and Nails you will be working with well-trained artisans and staff members who will provide you with a wonderful customer experience.

One of the many services that home remodeler Jenks Glue and Nails offers is the addition of a retaining wall. Whether in your front or back yard, a retaining wall can take a dull and boring yard to an having an addition that is not only beautiful but also serves a purpose. Adding a retaining wall marks a specific area of your backyard or front yard for planting flowers or to add a focal point. Adding a retaining wall next to your pool can create a very natural look as a designated area to plant trees and plants adding character to the space. Adding a retaining wall to your yard can be a fun way to incorporate a family project into your landscape design. Your retaining wall can be painted by your family with handprints and fun designs to cherish for many years to come.

Whether you rent or own your home, Home remodeler Jenks Glue and Nails provides home repair services for all your needs. For more than 25 years, Glue and Nails has provided quality and trustworthy work to the greater Tulsa area. Your repair needs could range from a leaky sink making an obnoxious noise in the kitchen, to a hole in the wall from an angry teenager, or a shoddy light fixture installed by the previous owner of your home. Whatever the need, Glue and Nails has a well-trained artisan waiting to assist you and walk you through the process.

Home remodeler Jenks Glue and Nails can also help you design the outdoor living space of your dreams! Let their design team listen to your needs and describe to them your mental picture of how you imagine your dream space to look, they will do the rest. Always keeping you in the loop before starting any projects. Redesigning your outdoor space could be as simple as adding a pergola to your back patio, a pavilion to your yard or even designing your own custom fire pit. Regardless of how big or small the project Glue and Nails will offer you best in class service.

Before you schedule a consultation be sure to click on the testimonials section of our website at There you will find before and after pictures, as well as video testimonials from real-life customers showcasing our phenomenal work. When you are ready to get started please visit our website to get a free quote or call (918) 857-0663 to speak with one of a member of our staff.