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Home Remodeler Jenks | The Best Home Remodelers


Home Remodeler Jenks knows what we’re talking about when it comes to remodeling your home. Here in Tulsa we are the number one remodeling repair contractor. You can trust us by reading our customer reviews and understanding that we have a great track record. If you’re worried about your project, just understand that Cierra glue nails will actually make your project a reality. Do you want to ask questions that will involve your product? Will ask you and keep you posted on all of the information we can share your dream of your outdoor living space, kitchen remodel or home remodeling and repair. We can help you visualize exactly what you want done with your projects.

We are dedicated here at Home Remodeler Jenks making this process as easy as possible for you. We understand that our customers want their products on with the least amount of hassle possible. We understand that a lot of customers will try and do it yourself but when they realize halfway through that it’s really not easy. Make the right choice and choose us so we can help you from start to finish and you end up having a product that you actually love. Our team has been doing this for over 25 years so they understand how easy it seems to actually tile or carpet using materials rather than just trying to do it your first time. We have all the ins and outs of what is required to complete a project down to the materials, service and the times and the artists.

Here at Home Remodeler Jenks we are shared by doing the best service possible when it comes to remodeling your home, it can be a huge daunting task. We’re here to make that easy for you. We can help you decide the look of the materials, the timing and the finished product. We’re here to actually show you the results you’re looking for. We also have been 4× 1st place winners for interior trim. We can help you with all sorts of home remodeling, home repair or outdoor living. We offer $100 off your first project. Be sure to read our reviews and see how well we work for yourself.

We have great benefits to all our first time customers. We also will offer $100 off their first project with us. We understand that it’s hard to find quality contractors so we’re here so you can trust us. We are committed to providing top quality on this home, repair and services at a fair price in this industry there’s always going to be a bunch of questionable contractors that will attempt to do an easy fix with the wrong materials. What ends up happening? If you end up needing another company to come in and fix what you don’t like, we’re here to make sure it’s done right the first time and help you save time and money.

If you feel like having us as your experts on your home repair or remodeling services, feel free to give us a call at 918-857-0663. You can also visit our website at If you’re still concerned about finances, don’t forget you get $100 off your first project and there is 100% financing available.

Home Remodeler Jenks | Number 1 Home Remodelers!!

Home Remodeler Jenks is here for all of your contracting repair and renovation needs. Let us get you started $100 off your first project and experience the glue nails difference. If you’re worried about pricing, we do offer 100% financing available. We want to make your dreams a reality when it comes to home remodeling, home repair and outdoor living experiences. We’re here to provide you with exactly what you’re looking for with top-of-the-line experience and contractors we can help you get the dream look you’re waiting for.

At Home Remodeler Jenks we are here to provide you with the best service possible. If you’re not sure that our service compares to others, check out our customer reviews and see what our customers say for themselves. If you worry about picking the wrong contractors. Be sure to check out the reviews if a company does not have any reviews that can be a red flag. We are a 25 year family owned business in our second generation. We’re committed to providing top quality and honest home repair and remodeling services. You can also be sure that they will offer fair prices that can compete with other contractors when working with customers, you can be sure that we’re open and honest and upfront.

You can be rest assured, with our Home Remodeler Jenks because we only provide the best services. When it comes to your remodeling project, we always start with the same introduction. We do an assessment of your desired results. We use a state of the art computer design, accounting and project management software to help keep your job on track. We also keep you informed the whole way through. It is very important to us to listen to our customers so they can provide us with knowledge to help us be satisfied with the whole process. There are no dumb questions and we’re here to help you the whole way through.

Many people believe that they can DIY it, but end up in more headaches. Trust us to help you with the whole process and you get it done right the first time and you end up saving way more time and money. I’d like to keep this process as smooth as possible so you can. I love your remodeled home as soon as possible. You can also be rest assured, that if you do happen to find a mistake with our craftsmanship’s work, rest assured, they will be right there to make it right. We offer a full year warranty on all craftsmanship we perform.

If you’re still not convinced that we are the best contracting service for your home, we also love helping others. We support charities to help veterans, our pets, and our country. We hope this information will help you decide on your contractor for your Tulsa home remodeling and repair project. If you feel or a good fit, please give us a call at 918-857-0663. Don’t forget you get $100 off your first project and we do offer 100% financing available. Go to