By using a top home remodeler Jenks company what will you get out of it? Here at glue nails if you are planning to remodel your home or repair your home, you might expect, but you get out of working with us. The answer is simply a lot. First you can expect for everything to be done in a timely manner in a way that will help your home, increase its value to make it more enjoyable to live in. Whether you were looking to update your kitchen, your bathroom, your outdoor living space or even your wood floors. Glue and nails have what you were looking for in the experience and expertise to execute in such a beautiful way.

As one of the best of top home remodeler jinx you can expect to get a stress-free remodeling experience. Glue and nails will help you and provide you with a very wide range of options and help you with the entire design process unless you have already drawn it up and have exactly what you need. We understand that home remodeling or repairs can be frustrating. And that is why we want to offer the least amount of stress, even if that means we design the entire thing. We hear glue and nails want you to be able to sit back and relax, while your home is being beautifully transformed into what you and your family had dreamed of. We will also work closely with you and ask you many questions throughout the entire process, so that we can ensure your needs and preferences are met in every aspect, and that you are completely satisfied with your end result, and continue to use us as your company for home remodeling.

We offer financing at our top home remodeler company Jenks. We know that the price can get expensive, especially with big projects. That is why we offer financing and a very wide range of options so we can get your project started and completed in a timely manner while also not breaking your bank. We offer 100% financing available through ride crime, credit union and home improvement loans anywhere from $20,000 all the way up to $500,000. If you go to our website you can request a free quote from us so we can get started today.

We want to be your go to home remodeling company, and we will do whatever it takes to make you the most satisfied and happy with our services. If you would like to check out our gallery and see our past work, please go to our website at and hit on the gallery tab so you can see our outdoor living spaces or home remodels and beams that we have done previously. Also check out our testimonials there on that same website so you can see how our past customers have been very satisfied.

Feel free to call us at 918-857-0663 and talk to one of our amazing representatives about any questions that you may have and we look forward to hearing from you soon. We can’t wait to get started on your next home, remodel or repair!

Top Home Remodeler Jenks | Home remodeling done right

Be at glue in Nails, one of the top home remodeler GINX companies. We want to help you by helping us continue to grow and expand and turn off the Tulsa area. We do not just serve drinks but also Broken Arrow, Coweta, Glenpool, Claremore, Skiatook, and Owosso. We offer many services, including retaining walls, handyman services, outdoor living spaces, flooring, home remodeling, and even beams. Glue and Nails is a family owned company that has been serving the Jenks and surrounding areas for over 25 years and we take pride in our character, values and our services. We truly are an amazing company that will get what you need done in a timely manner and with good quality work.

Being a top home remodeler Jenks company, our services are unmatched. Our retaining walls here at glue and nails can add a highlighted area to your neighborhood or curb appeal of your home. We also like to allow your little ones to get their hands and/or fingers into the paint for the retaining wall. This adds your own personal touches and love to the side of your retaining wall and we also love to see laughter and smiles be put into such a fun family outdoor project at your home. As you know a retaining wall serves a purpose, but it does not have to be so boring and standard. We offer many different styles of retaining walls. Those options include concrete, wood, block, stone, Gunite, and many more, and we will help you every step of the way into choosing the best material for your retaining wall that is placed outside of your home.

Not only do we do retaining walls as a top home remodel or Jenks company but also we offer outdoor living space remodeling. We offer a free consultation for any outdoor living remodeling. Anywhere from pergolas Pavilon’s and fireplaces and fire pits. We have what you’re looking for for your outdoor living space. Here at gluten nails home repair in remodeling we can turn your backyard space into such a relaxing and family friendly area.You and your family will love the options that we have for your outdoor living space and we suggest you go and check out our website to see our past work when it comes to outdoor living Spaces.

Please go to our website at and check out our past work that we have taken photos of in an art gallery. Also, go and watch our video testimonials so you can hear what our past customers and clients say about us and our services. We would love to help you turn your next home remodel and do something that you love and can’t wait to come home to every day.

You may also call us at 918-857-0663 anytime during our office hours, so you can talk to one of us here at glue and nails and so we can come together with a plan on how we can help you. We look forward to hearing from you soon.