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Glue and Nails is the top home remodeler jenks. We have a team of staff members and artisans that are courteous, hard-working, and well trained and constantly learning more. We can’t wait to help you with your project today. We offer 100% financing and we can give you $100 off your first project with us. We are for a time the winner of the interior trim from the parade of homes. We specialize in home remodeling , home repair and outdoor living. Offering over 25 years of experience, we can’t wait to work with you and put you in your dream project today.

What other outdoor living things are offered at top home remodeler jenks? Another outdoor living option we offer is his fireplace at fire pits. These can make an amazing and just beautiful touch to any outdoor space. They could be out in the open or we could make it rustic and murderous or we could add chairs all around it so they can have a gathering of fun and make s’mores. We can use logs as seeds or if you want to sit back and relax in a chair or bench. We can make it all we bring indoors outdoors by adding a fireplace to any patio. It’s a great feature that keeps you warm.

Another service that is offered at top home remodeler jenks, as flooring. If you ever need a new floor, we have you covered. We classify floors as a very, very comforting piece of your home. They could be a ceramic plank that looks like wood or it could be solid wood. There’s also a blue fours and they come in a variety of colors and finishes. The choices are endless with endless color choices. We help you and make your selections and assist you through the entire process with our design and installation team. We offer the best selection services from our number partner to companies that we work with. Bamboo floors are very durable and hard.

How many people think about bamboo floors but they are a great option. They are a prefinished option and they come in a variety of colors. They go from a light soft color to a rich, dark color. We can make it a complete contrast or I can complement. You should choose a color that’ll go with a favorite rug or even a pillow on your chair. It looks like hardwood, but it is bamboo, we have installed these bamboo floors as a floating floor which means when you walk on it it gives a little feel like you’re walking on hardwood. If you don’t wanna have a bounce and we can make that happen to you it’s an easy and wonderful choice as a floor for your home.

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Top Home Remodeler Jenks | 100% Financing Available

Glue and nails is by far the top home remodeler jenks. With over 20 years in service we offer 100% financing to everyone. We can give you $100 off your first project. We specialize in remodeling, home repair and outdoor living. Period for time first place winner for interior, trim from the parade of homes. We go above and beyond for all of your projects and truly make it an easy process for you. We deliver quality and honesty and our work and we offer it at an affordable price. Allow us to get it started on the project of your dreams and put a big smile on your face.

What other types of flooring are available at top home remodeler jenks? We also offer vinyl flooring, luxury, vinyl flooring, LVT, and hardwood. The luxury vinyl flooring comes in a huge variety of colors and styles. This finish time is fairly quick as it is the easiest song. It’s super easy to be able to pick the style that fits your home and if you struggle with it, then we have a design team ready to help. There’s many ways that you could do it by choosing a color and pattern that goes with cabinets or Travis. A luxury vinyl flooring makes cleaning smiles a message to the breezy. Massive varieties of colors you can choose from. You can do all kinds of color matching.

What about hardwood floors at top home remodeler jenks? If you wanna nutritional hardwood floor, this is very taunting but we can make this easy for you without the entire process. We have several choices of texture. Hardwood Floors are made from hardwood and will last many many years as long as you care for it properly. They add a very pleasing atmosphere, and make it very warm and inviting. Sam even offers the hardwood flooring in the kitchen to get a true farmhouse feel then you can add floating shelves and make the style and make your I say wow. Area rugs on the hardwood floors give it color. Enhancements give it a nice warm look. The right kind of style with hardwood floors will really have you say a while. You can make it really pop by its color and contrasting.

If you’re wondering about cleaning, it comes your hardwood for a quick wipe with a microfiber, dry mop is the best thing then after the microfiber dry mop, then you go in with a wet Mark and that shines the floors were you bringing the color and really making shine through. You will also need to polish the floors for them to have a shiny finish or I would go with them but if you have pets with nails. It will truly last for many years if you get the hardwood flooring so there’s nothing wrong with that. We will help you with all the choices that you make. Don’t worry about it being overwhelming because we are here to help.

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