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At Glue and Nails Home Repair and Remodeling we see Retaining Walls as a useful piece of art to your yard.  A Retaining Wall serves a purpose. A Retaining Wall does not have to be a drab and boring looking piece of plain concrete in your yard.  Picture a Retaining Wall as a straight, curved, angled, or even zig zag piece of playful fun.  A Retaining Wall to Glue and Nails can be an opportunity to add decoration that will serve a purpose.  A Retaining Wall can add a highlighted area to your neighborhood facing the corner yard by making an area to plant flowers or to make a wonderful seasonal focal point for traffic driving by.  You can put your favorite color in decorations for you to look at from your window and the Retaining Wall is a backdrop for your viewing pleasure and the flowing traffic to see as they drive by.  Even the neighborhood cyclists can see a glimpse of decoration enhanced by your Retaining Wall.  A Retaining Wall can be a useful addition to your drive up to your home.  It can be an inviting guidance to your guests who are turning into your driveway to make a visit to your home. If it is evening time you can enhance your Retaining Wall with solar lights, lamps, posts with solar lights and even solar paint. Out by your pool a Retaining Wall can add a bit of fun for the kids, or adults, to splash water on. 

A Retaining Wall can add a very natural look to your poolside. You can even make it a family finishing project with fun paints and brushes.  Your little ones will love dipping their hands and or fingers in paint to put their very own personal touches of love notes or drawings on the Retaining Wall. A sure way to put smiles and laughter into a fun family project outside in your yard.  A Retaining Wall can add color, plants, and flowers to an area in your driveway.  A Retaining Wall can even enhance your yard with color.  It can enhance a place for the trees.  Even the yard critters will enjoy scurrying across your Raining Wall as they move through your Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Coweta, Glenpool, Claremore, Skiatook, Owasso, Oklahoma and surrounding areas home.  A Retaining Wall can be used as a backdrop for a seating area for you and your family to enjoy. 

At Glue and Nails Home Repair and Remodeling we serve Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Coweta, Glenpool, Claremore, Skiatook, Owasso, Oklahoma and surrounding areas.  Glue and Nails can help you design a Retaining Wall to solve a drainage problem, or just putting in a Retaining Wall for definition in your yard.  Glue and Nails will use a variety of materials.  You can choose from stone, brick, or concrete. You can add personal touches of colorful planters with low maintenance plants to brighten a plain solid block Retaining Wall. There is a variety of choices of material to use and a variety of colors to choose from.  You can choose from a variety of colors. Choose a light color for your Retaining Wall, like a tan or light brown to bring out the natural colors of the flowers or shrubs.  Choose a color, like green, to flow with your landscape.  Choose a color, like a light cool blue or a light warm red, to enhance gravel or even an orange color to enhance plants.  Even a bold yellow will brighten your Retaining Wall on a rainy day.  Making the Retaining Wall a pleasure to look at, will put a smile on your face and a joy to share with your family.

Retaining walls can be incorporated into other landscaping as well such as waterfalls, terracing for planting beds, stairs and simply to make a big statement. At Glue and Nails Home Repair and Remodeling, we can help you with the design, engineering and installation of your retaining wall.

There are many material types to choose from. Concrete, wood, block, stone, gunite and many more. We at Glue and Nails Home Repair and Remodeling will help you every step of the way to choosing the best materials for your project, offering design services as well. We are the full package for your retaining wall needs and frankly, your entire home remodeling project. 

If drainage is an issue, we can survey the problem. Doing soil tests and cores if needed to find the best solution. Water can do a tremendous amount of damage to your property. It is one of the most powerful forces on the planet and must be treated as such. 

We can incorporate a french drain system if deemed necessary to get your home back on a strong footing again. 

Guttering can be a huge asset! Improperly installed or non-existent roof drainage can literally wash away your retaining wall and your home’s foundation.  At Glue and Nails Home Repair and Remodeling we are the complete solution to your retaining wall and drainage needs.

If you are having structural issues and need or already have a structural report, we can help there too. Once the plans have been drawn and approved we will work very hard to be as minimally invasive as is humanly possible while achieving your desired results. 

As seems to be the case frequently, we hear bad stories about contractors who have done poor jobs and we have repaired those also. We strive, though we are not perfect, to always provide superior service and quality. We never cut corners ( unless we are installing base molding HA!). At Glue and Nails Home Repair and Remodeling our customers call us repeatedly for a reason. We always strive to supply the best work at fair pricing. That explains our growth over the years relying on mostly word of mouth referrals. 

 Please feel free to give us a call and get your no obligation estimate to assess your project today. Glue and Nails Home Repair and Remodeling is here to serve you.

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